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Google fiber backbone for Kampala

Connecting mobile carriers and ISPs, boosting data rates by a factor of 100.

Liberia bans motorcycle taxis in Monrovia

forcing hundreds of commuters to walk to work

The next Google from Africa?

Afua Hirsch on Accra Tech start-ups - achieving way beyond expectation

Africans hold their governments to account

Can citizens use mobile technology to better participate in democracy?

Railway Lines

Mutua Matheka suggested we go to the Kenya Railways Museum...

Tigo introduces 3G to Kivus, DRC Congo

More than two thousand new customers a day have joined Tigo, since re-opening in Kivu provinces.

Stat Africa

Africa’s Quantified Self from Jon Gosier's Appfrica

Spirit Child photography

In Ghana, a child with a disability might be referred to as a ‘Spirit Child’.

AgriHack, Kigali

Hackathon in Kigali at the International conference on ICT for Agriculture.

Google’s African affair

Google is putting its money where its mouth is when it comes to the African continent. It has offices in eight African countries...

The China in Africa Podcast

Discussion on China's engagement across Africa hosted by veteran journalists Eric Olander in Paris and Cobus van Staden in Cape Town

The Digital Continent

Interview podcast featuring innovators and entrepreneurs whose work is shaping the digital economies of Africa

VC4Africa Meetup Kigali

Networking at Kigali Serena Hotel, Kigali, at the closing drink of Rwanda's Services Investment Forum.

Spotlight on Zimbabwe

Correspondent Brian Hongwe reports from Harare in the run up to elections

Zimbabwe elections: Q&A

The election will be the first to be held under the new constitution approved in a referendum in March this year. Parliamentary elections are to be held on the same day.


Monrovia's hub; reliable Internet, electricity, and trained IT staff where collaboration and learning takes place.


UK Gallery of Shona sculpture from Zimbabwe

Nigeria slashes termination rates

Government effort to reduce the cost of voice calls.

Global Innovation Hubs Gather at re:publica

Technology Innovation Hubs Gather at re:publica

Smile Uganda Launches 4G

Claims 800 MHz band provides more efficient indoor coverage.

Activate 2013

Sessions from Guardian / Omidyar Network London conference.

The Girl Effect on Tech

Nike Foundation : 250 million adolescent girls live in poverty they are the most powerful force for change on the planet

Africagathering 2013

@mjamme and co's London event

South Africa losing to Kenya tech?

Post 1994 international technology companies invested in South Africa as the “gateway to Africa”. Perceptions are shifting.

RLabs Academy

Hundreds of scholarships at RLabs, Athlone, Cape Town

African Billionaires 2013

A record 1,426 billionaires made it to FORBES’ annual ranking of the world’s richest people. African billionaires occupied a little over 1% of the positions on the list.

AU 50th

Desalegn says China is a reliable partner for Africa. John Kerry said he is concerned some countries are not as transparent in Africa as the United States and that could undermine democracy. But he admits U.S. investment here is falling behind.

infoDev’s 2013 Global Forum

Forum on Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship in South Africa: 50 top SME entrepreneurs selected to participate in a 'Dragons Den'.

Women and Technology in Zambia

Asikana Network Zambia on YouTube

Brief interview of what zambian youth think about women and technology in zambia.

Mobile Web West Africa 2013

“Forget method. Think problem”


Your backup generator for the internet, by Ushahidi.

Oxford University Pan-African Conference 2013

At the Oxford Union; theme “Towards a 21st Century African Renaissance: Sowing the Seeds of Success”

Ivory Coast Bus Routes Redrawn Using Cell Data

Using Orange cell data to track people movements, IBM research suggests changes to Abidjan bus routes.

Obasanjo on Thatcher

The debate about her legacy with regards to Africa – mostly deplored for her support for the South Africa government during apartheid.

Rlabs Namibia Launches

Namibia: Marlon Parker Launches Rlabs Namibia

Omidyar Network releases African entrepreneurship report

Survey of 582 entrepreneurs across Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Tanzania. Benchmarked against global peers. Summit in Ghana.

Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos

Nigeria: Computer Village Generates U.S.$2 Billion Annually to Economy - Minister

Grant to iSpace

New techinnovation hub in Accra


Notes on a new president.

iPads in education

podcast on iPads in education Rwamagana project, eastern Rwanda.

T M S Ruge

Project Diaspora, Hive CoLab, Digital Continent Podcast etc

Lonestar launches ‘Xtra Time’

Allows customers to borrow airtime credit in times of emergency and pay later after they recharged.

Nigeria: Africa’s largest economy in 2 years

Nigeria’s economy is set to grow 6.8% this year, up from an estimated 6.6% in 2012

Blackberry to build apps lab in Lagos

Blackberry has signed a letter of intent to build a Blackberry Apps lab in Lagos; over 250 Nigerian developed applications already available. Two million out of the four million connected smartphone in the country are Blackberry devices

Word of mouth loudest in Africa

Social media is making some consumers better informed. The Nielsen Blueprint for Media Strategies in Africa research groups 15 countries' consumers into ‘savy’, ‘selective’ and ‘simple’.

Ghana, Nigeria top Youtube Africa

2012, the number of views in Nigeria grew by an amazing 125%, making Nigeria the country with the 2nd highest viewership growth in Sub-Saharan Africa

Rudy De Waele, the Next Billion

Mobile Opportunities in Africa – Engaging with the Next Billion from Rudy De Waele. from a presentation at ForumOxford: Mobile Apps and Technologies Conference

SMS fights Cholera in Mozambique

Mozambique struggles to recover from the worst flooding in over a decade, aid agencies are pioneering the use of mobile phones to distribute aid

Vodacom Tanzania to launch solar chargers

Vodacom Tanzania partners with energy firm Fenix International to launch solar and bicycle-powered mobile phone chargers.

Mobile Web East Africa 2013


Twitter feed from conference

Diaspora strikes back

Digital Diaspora in Washington D.C. during #SMW an interactive “Digital Africa : The Diaspora strikes back” Happy Hour

Crowdfunding service SliceBiz wins Apps4Africa cash prize

Ghanaian start-up SliceBiz planning to popularise crowdfunding in Africa, has been selected as one of the winners of this year's Apps4Africa competition, funded by US State Department and the World Bank,

7 African Women Who Founded Amazing Companies

Entrepreneurship across security, brewing, hygiene, food, internet providers, private jets and air ambulances.

Nigeria’s renovated railway

Following government investment the railway linking Lagos and north of Nigeria has reopened, after more than 10 years.

USA and Chinese Engagement in Africa

Deborah Brautigam: - "by far the best single analysis I have seen on China-Africa-US engagement in Africa."

Using sms to reduce maternal mortality

Maternal mortality is still a major problem in Uganda. Only 41.9% of births is attended by skilled health staff, resulting in 440 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births.

10 million phones to Nigeria’s farmers

Nigerian Ministry Agriculture project to give 10 million phones to farmers in 2013, five million of these devices to women farmers.

Nigeria Number Portability

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) for Nigeria - would enable subscribers to retain their mobile phone numbers when migrating from one mobile service provider to another. Expected to lower prices with increased competition.

Ghana as the ‘Bangalore’ of West Africa

A proposed US$100 million technology park to be built in Accra – interview with Eric Osiakwan, director of Ghana Cyber City.

Staying in credit

iHub research into sacrifices the poor make to keep a mobile phone in credit.

Demo Africa

Inaugural Demo Africa, held in Nairobi Kenya: gave 40 startups from around the continent the opportunity to demo their products and services to an international audience of investors, media.

Poor Infrastructure Is Africa’s Soft Underbelly

Zuma's plan to spend $97 billion on infrastructure in context.

Internet Exchange Point in Gambia

Africa to get its own Internet Exchange Point in Gambia, financed by the African Union, avoiding the high fees paid to overseas service providers.

Multi-channel service design, the African way

Franco Papeschi at Euro IA 2012

Mobile Testing Lab at Co-creation Hub

OSs include Bada, Android, Java and Blackberry’s latest, thanks to Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry, Microsoft, Google, and Tecno.

Nana Kofi Acquah

Photography of Sodom and Gomorrah, Accra.

Erik Hersman


Technologist and blogger, Nairobi. Co-founder of Ushahidi, and the iHub.

Google Trader comes to Kenya

After the pilot launch in Uganda and the exciting launch in Ghana, we are excited to announce the launch of Google Trader in Kenya.

The New Harvest

Case studies and policy ideas for agricultural innovation, by Professor Calestous Juma.