• Computer Retail

    New or refurbished?

    Laptop sales on Kampala road

    At Next Gen Computer, Kampala, Esther demos the latest laptops, airfreighted from Dubai; meanshile, at House Party Computers, Accra, a technician tests refurbished PCs shipped from auction in the US.

  • Rural Netcafés

    Surfing by the hour

    The Afrikobs internet cafe,

    The Afrikobs internet cafe, Kabale. Six computers share a single slow wireless modem connection. A mixture of internet and general business services show that rather than a place of relaxation, the net cafe is the office for many small town Ugandans.

  • First day with a PC


    Mobile masts over Kisoro at dusk. The cone of a volcano behind. This is junction of the borders of Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo.

    In the shadow of the Virungas volcanoes, Kisoro, in the southwest of Uganda, close to Rwanda and DR Congo, is a the gateway to Mgahinga National park, home to mountain gorillas,

  • Life off the grid


    Ankole cattle

    Perhaps only 23% of Ugandan homes are connected to the power grid, but mobile phones have permeated even the most rural areas.

  • Grameen Applab

    Banana Wilt Disease

    Applab Question Box t-shirt

    Near Mbarara, Uganda, Gideon finds answers for small farmers.

  • Teledensity explosion

    A mobile for everyone

    Nokia handpainted

    Nokia’s ‘only connect’ handshake animation hand painted in a street advert, Mbarara, Uganda. In 2012 there were 16,356,387 mobile subscriptions in Uganda. Handset and airtime retailers are ubiquitous and