• Rural IT Skills

    A walk in the tea

    Sotik Highlands Tea Estate

    South rift valley, Kenya is tea growing area. Kibugat village is the home of a IT skills for rural Kenya project that teaches youngsters essential IT skills at a refurbished tea plantation building.

  • First day with a PC


    Mobile masts over Kisoro at dusk. The cone of a volcano behind. This is junction of the borders of Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo.

    In the shadow of the Virungas volcanoes, Kisoro, in the southwest of Uganda, close to Rwanda and DR Congo, is a the gateway to Mgahinga National park, home to mountain gorillas,

  • Digital design education


    Students sketching

    Mark Kamau, training coordinator at NairoBits: “We teach youth from informal settlements, about computers, from the basics all the way to multimedia design with a focus-so far- on web design. They learn Photoshop, Dreamweaver, illustrator as well as some code, in order to able to build websites.”